Will adding another business w/ same phone # different domainto GMB account affect SEO?

Just wanting to know if it is beneficial to use a different phone # for each related business but not exactly the same region.

handyman business for each quadrant - different domain like:

So 4 related domains but using 1 phone number. 888-555-1212 or should there be a different phone number for each different domain?

Looking forward to seeing your answer

Thank you.

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by @ms (2286), 10 months ago

Same domain/IP/IP block/hosting provider/phone number/physical address/... is always linking point. I can't tell if Google does use phone # to connect domains and therefore dilute ranks, but it's possible connection. Depends on why you're asking.

Why I am asking these questions is because What I would like to do is franchise or sell the domain names with different addresses but keep the phone number for administrative and billing purposes so I can control or charge for phone calls or leads. Also, if one of the owners/franchisees are away on vacation or busy, I can move or pull another one out of their territory and have them do work outside their region. So to review: different domains different name different address but same phone number.

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