Why google in not index my website

by @shazadahmed06 (120), 3 weeks ago

hello Dear,

I have a website its total pages 150, but google is just index 22 page why my other pages not index ,

i Manual update sitemap

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by @delawareconsulting (105), 3 weeks ago

Hi, This would most likely be in the settings of your website. Your sitemap is what tells Google what to index.

by @priyasinghnoida16 (105), 3 weeks ago

It may be happen because of many reasons,

  1. Check your robots.txt file and allow every boot to visit your site
  2. Make sure on page head option Noindex should not be there
  3. Register your website in webmaster and analytics
by @Priyanka0011 (110), 3 weeks ago

We can say that you haven't requested for the indexing in the search console, or maybe the spam score of the site is quite more of your site that is the reason for not indexing.

by @Priyanka0011 (110), 2 weeks ago

Just do the Google search console and Google Indexing.

by @Kaushik21 (133), 2 weeks ago

Go to Google Search Console Navigate to the URL inspection tool Paste the URL you’d like Google to index into the search bar. Wait for Google to check the URL Click the “Request indexing” button

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