Why do my blog posts not show up in Google for certain key phrases?

by @griffin (130), 1 year ago

I have a blog and I wrote some posts in the past 2/3 months. When I try to search a specific post by entering key phrase in google, Google doesn't show my blog post link. Even if I enter full post title, still that post doesn't show up. I have setup Yoast SEO plugin and all the posts pass both SEO and readability tests. Here is the blog link ( www DOT listrule DOT com ). Please help me understand if I am making any mistake.

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by @facebookfont (105), 1 year ago

Check if the blog post has been indexed by Google. You can do this by searching for "site: yoursite. com" on Google, and seeing if the post appears in the search results. If it's not appearing, it may not have been indexed yet. Check if the blog post contains any errors that could prevent it from being indexed.

by @griffin (130), 1 year ago

In the PAGES tab of search console, I see 129 pages with reason "Discovered - currently not indexed" and 30 pages with reason "Crawled - currently not indexed".

by @Digital.Prakash (115), 1 year ago

what i can say this make your URL Simple like if you are writing for top 10 place to visit in Rajasthan.. make sure your url should be top-place-in-rajasthan instead top-10-place-in-rajasthan and use keyprahse in URL also.. and add your keyphrase in H1 Heading Tag... after some time you will see better result.. bonus tips in use web-stories

by @Gamerseo (1330), 1 year ago

Always follow the SEO guidelines for listings. Tell me did you submit your posts for indexing?

by @griffin (130), 1 year ago

@Digital.Parakash, thank you for your response. Can you please explain a little about the web-stories?

@Gamerseo, yes I have submitted the sitemap for indexing. However, google still have not indexed all URLs.

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