What's the difference about doing National SEO vs Local SEO?

by @mystic (141), 2 years ago

Hello, can anyone explain to me please what's needed to do differently for National SEO than what one does for local SEO?

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by @khoanguyende (85), 2 years ago

The SERPS are different in local rankings. It is possible that you can rank national.

by @mystic (141), 2 years ago

Right but is there anything one should do outside of what one does for local SEO to reach people nationally or Worldwide? If you wanted to offer "remote" services as an example and want people to see you on page one anywhere in the US, what would you do differently to be seen?

by @Bryan (55), 2 years ago

Local SEO is optimizing your online presence to drive maximum traffic to your website from a specific area. National SEO is reaching customers on a national or global level.

by @mystic (141), 2 years ago

Yes I understand that but question is "what" do you do to rank on google to reach those national/global customers outside of or in addition to what you do for local seo?


Local SEO is normally for small to medium-sized businesses trying to reach local audiences of some particular area. SEO optimization is done keeping that in mind. Whereas National SEO covers a wide range of audiences globally or a wide area. E-commerce can be an example of that.

by @binayjha (5094), 1 year ago

Backlinks strategy plays a prominent role while considering to rank globally.

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