What influence does contextual relevance have on rankings?

by @jaythecreator (126), 2 years ago

My name is Julian, I am an SEO marketer and I’m researching how the contextual relevance of backlinks impacts the website’s ranking potential. I would love to hear some opinions from people in the digital marketing industry:

  1. What is your typical routine for researching the backlinks? Do you pay special attention to the subject contextual relevance of the link?
  2. What are the things you find most annoying in the backlink building process?

Thank you for your time and if you know someone else who could answer these short questions, please let me know!

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by @ms (3172), 2 years ago

Hi Julian, welcome to SEO Forum.

  1. For me, researching links means time spent on researching context (first) and link value (second). Context is the first, because if it's not what I am looking for, doesn't have value even if the linking page has superb ranks. Sometimes I push good candidates that doesn't work for the site I am working on my so called "stack", so I check back next time when searching.
  2. Most annoying? Probably the slowness of the process... It takes time to research, acquire and finally settle and gain ranks. We all would love to see outcome right away so you can adjust strategies accordingly quickly.

How about you?

by @jaythecreator (126), 2 years ago

Hey MS,

Thank you for your response!

For me, the same challenges that you have pointed out apply.

I'm still confused as to which point contextual relevance is the weight of one's authority. So I know it is being advocated for in the industry and Google itself also mentions it, but it has always been proven, in the same way that authority has been proven several times (correlation studies, case studies, etc.).

What is your position on this point?

by @jaythecreator (126), 2 years ago

*always NOT been proven

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