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First of all greetings everyone :) Thank you for creating such a useful forum for boosting SEO and knowledge about it. I need your kind advice on this one, basically I'm trying to rank my Shopify store for two keywords mainly and these are "anti gravity phone case" and "anti gravity case". Luckily for me the website is showing up in google for them, however, instead of the main page it's product pages that are popping up. The store is called OneDealBox.

So it's like this right now when I type these keywords

Anti-Gravity Phone Case Anti-Gravity Phone Case

But what I'm aiming for is this, but I only see it when I type my store's name etc.

enter image description here

I understand that I have lots of pages that include the "anti gravity phone case" phrase and it may be the issue itself, so perhaps there is something to be changed there, something with the structure, I never used this kind of theme and platform before, mostly worked with wordpress in the past and never had such issues. I've been trying hard to let google know that it's the homepage that is the most relevant, but with no luck. Would love to hear Your opinions on this, greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

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by @ms (4012), 4 years ago

Hi and welcome!

Critical question here I think is, how does it work for you right now? Is search traffic from given keywords converting on product pages? If yes, you wouldn't want to change that.

What I mean is, getting people to your homepage is putting obstacle in their way to a product page. So conversions could be lower. Right now, it makes much more sense, as long as target page (where visitor lands after SE redirect) is relevant to their query.

If you still need your visitors landing on homepage, you should consider changes in your SEO strategy - both on & off page. That means, relevant content on the homepage, 100% semantics and site navigation, and adjusted link building strategy, so anchors with given keyword links to your homepage.

It won't change in an hour of course...


Thank you for your response, well, I have conversions to be honest, but it's still too early to tell as my ranking for these general keywords is 2nd-3rd page and the reason I wish my homepage was showing up is, because it's mainly a one product store, but it has so many variants I had to split them into multiple product pages. So let's say someone who wants to buy this phone case for Samsung Galaxy S10, but he just searches for "anti gravity phone case" without specifying the phone model, he will see a product page for Huawei P20 for example, instead of the homepage that is featuring the full collection of these phone cases, if you know what I mean :) It will be relevant to their queries, but they might just pass as they might think that we're covering just Huawei P20. If they click then it's great, because they will see the rest of variants in suggested products

by @laxirjune (125), 4 years ago

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