Webmaster tool error with contradictory result

by @nabilbb (119), 3 years ago

I really need help with this I wrote a new blog post and trying to submit to through google webmaster tool. I go to URL inspection and tells me the post is mobile friendly (Picture 1)

Then I click test level URL and tells me it is not mobile-friendly (pictured)

The font I use is the same font for all other posts I am sure there are no clickable elements close to each other except the table of content which I use for every post Can someone help with this? enter image description here

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by @nabilbb (119), 3 years ago

no one?!!

by @Mintu_234 (80), 2 years ago

I will predict that you just square measure exploitation Adsense. I'm conjointly facing this issue and once I check my pages, it says "page is mobile-friendly". once doing little experiments I found that my AdSense ads square measure inflicting the difficulty. The ads square measure inflicting the difficulty and not adapting the screen size. And once more it had been rarely, typically it had been properly loading and typically not. Till currently nothing is often done simply be a chill Dude.


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