Using a Freelance Bid Site Profile on Your Website

by @bantam75 (114), 4 months ago


I'm curious about whether I could use a profile page I wrote for a freelancing bid site.

I'm really happy with it, and I'm in the process of creating my own website, so I wonder if my site would be penalised by Google as the same content is shown elsewhere... or is it?

I don't know if these profiles are indexed or not.

Could someone shed some light on that for me please?


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by @ms (2026), 4 months ago

Not sure right now; do you mean BIO in here, on SeoForum?

Yeah, these are indexed, and also length limited - not sure if you can copy all the info you want.

by @morgan (105), 2 months ago

The profiles on this website are indexed. If you are used similar content on other websites too, I suggest you use unique content on the website. But asking that to a professional SEO consultant will be better.

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