Traffic sharply drops and products are not shwing anymore in search

by @roy (123), 1 month ago

Hello since oct 21 i have seen a complete free fall of traffic to my marketplace website, i have thousands of products and usually for the last 6 months when you search for a specific product on google my website would rank mostly at in the top 6 search results. but now its not even show!! im going to illustrate with a real example: (info: my website is :, my website has been live for two years, the product's page im going to use in the example is indexed, i dont have any penalties or manual actions or security issue everything is green, the product when i run the page link in Rich Results Test everything is valid the product example link is

-before oct 21 when you search for the term "zenix botox" my website would show on top of the search result -now when i search for the same term then my website doesnt show at all -when i search for for the same term and add "azott" next to it, the website doesn't show in the "all tab" but it shown in the image result

here is some screenshots from my search console i really appreciate if anyone can help me get back the usual traffic. thank you

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by @Gamerseo (1065), 1 month ago

Give me a website address and I'll try to help.

by @binayjha (2414), 1 month ago

I am seeing two things,

  1. HREFLANG attribute is not used.
  2. While changing language, product related details remain same which are greater part of content on the page. It is a duplicate content issue.

By fixing these two, things should settle. Also, if possible, add some fresh content to the pages after fixing to do it in better way.

by @roy (123), 1 month ago

hello @binayjha thank you for your response, i actually had everything alright even i did not use HREFLANG attribute, the products which looks duplicate are actually added just recently long after the SEO problem, but im working on the translation. i have added screenshots from my google search console and google analytics, please check them

@Gamerseo :

by @binayjha (2414), 1 month ago

Hi @roy, Above links provided to view the screenshots are not working. Meanwhile, please implement the above two points. Things might resolve.

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