Traffic from FAQ rich results is reduced almost to 0 from 600+ per day in a span of 10 day

by @suhasbv (128), 1 year ago

On my website, I was getting 600+ clicks everyday from FAQ rich results. I was seeing this on google search console -> search appearance. But after Feb 15th, the traffic reduced drastically from FAQ rich results. and in 7 8 days, it reduced to less than 10 per day. I am not sure what the issue is. Please let me know what the issue could be.

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by @Gamerseo (1330), 1 year ago

provide a link to the page but I suspect an algorithm penalty from google.

by @suhasbv (128), 1 year ago

https : // www . paisawapas . com / zomato - coupons -> This is just 1(please remove the spaces)

But all webpages with coupons or offers or code in its URL are getting almost 0 traffic from FAQs.

by @suhasbv (128), 1 year ago

@gamerseo(1130), one more thing. Our overall search traffic is also reducing from Jan first week. But after Feb 15th, our FAQ traffic is highly affected. And, in the 1st week of Feb, we implemented schema markup for ratings and reviews. But it has 1 warning. and also, the ratings and reviews schema is not getting reflected in google SERP yet.

Is it possible that the warnings in one schema type is affecting FAQ schema?

by @aklththegirl (220), 1 year ago

It is possible that Google might have changed its algorithms or re-organised search results, causing a decrease in clicks.

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