Traffic decreasing despite my site is at #1 positing

by @arvind (120), 4 months ago

Hi Peeps,

I recently noticed that my site's overall traffic is gradually decreasing although it is ranked in the first position. I don't know what's going on with Google lately. Has anyone experienced the same issue?

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by @ms (1946), 4 months ago

Keyword traffic is seasonal for most keywords. Check Google AdWords (now Google Ads), you'll see keyword trends there. I bet your traffic is copying the trend.

by @EdwardGrey (70), 4 months ago

I have experienced the same issue. I am rankings for 151 keywords in 1, 2, 3 and top 10 positions but traffic, as well as sales, has been decreasing. Do you know why?

by @ms (1946), 4 months ago

Do you use Search Console? You should be able to see exact search impressions and clicks. That would answer your question immediately.

by @Webtheorydigital (105), 2 months ago

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