There was a problem with my domain. Should I change it ?


I bought a domain 5 days ago with domain provider IONOS. The name is piggybanks.store, for a website where i want to sell piggy banks.

I connected this domain to Shopify, but still haven't published the store so nothing has happened on it yet.

However IONOS contacted me saying they needed to know what I would use this domain for because Google has flagged the domain for security concerns. I still don't know if this issue has been resolved. I just registered on Google Search Console and it shows no security issues for my domain.

Question : If my domain had security issues that now seem to be fixed, will I have a normal ranking on Google ? Or will it remember those issues and give me a worse ranking than normal ?

And since I have not used this domain yet, should I just change domain right now to be sure my SEO isn't impacted ? I would have no problem going to piggybanksstore.com for example, if it gives me a normal SEO

Thank you !

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by @binayjha (4684), 1 month ago

If the Google Search Console is not showing any issue then it looks normal to use it. Even if there will be an issue then fix it and move ahead.


Ok, thank you for the answer, I'll do that :)

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