Sudden drop of impressions in search console only on homepage

by @Cabral37 (125), 1 year ago

Hi, everyone

Need some help,

I had a sudden drop of impressions on my website and found out that it was only the homepage impressions that was the cause of the drop. I followed search console help troubleshooting ( to find that out.

The only change i made to the homepage that coincides with the start of the drop was the addition of a button on the homepage that linked to another page and i also added a facebook page plugin to the homepage.

I reverted those changes, but still not receiving the same amount of impressions as before. Would be great if someone can help.

Thank you

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by @binayjha (4449), 1 year ago

Update some content on the page, text/ image/ video or whatever content you can update. Also, get 1-2 good backlinks. Things will settle with better outcome.

by @Cabral37 (125), 1 year ago

I will work on keywords and update it.


by @Gamerseo (1330), 1 year ago

Provide a link to your website. I would love to see and maybe give you some valuable advice.

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