Sub Domain Ranking issues

by @Ashwathianil (125), 1 year ago

Recently I have shifted my website from WordPress to Shopify. So far my blog is WordPress and it was a subdirectory

But after shifting the site from WordPress to Shopify we kept our blog in a subdomain in WordPress itself The issue now is all my ranking went down, and none of the blogs is ranking.

What might be the issue, is there any solution

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by @binayjha (4684), 1 year ago

Please provide the URLs...

by @Ashwathianil (125), 1 year ago

Hi , I am not able to post the link here my website name is

You will get the blog link in the footer

by @binayjha (4684), 1 year ago
  1. The blog section can be used on the domain itself. There is no need to move it on a subdomain as in current case. You should consider it so that URLs shouldn't change.
  2. Hope all old URLs have been redirected permanently to the respective new URLs
  3. Hope The Google Search Console is not showing errors to be fixed.
by @aatifanjum (110), 1 year ago

This is not a big issue, here are a few tips that will work:

  1. Sitemap resubmission
  2. Boost your web page loading time (recommend tool google lighthouse)
  3. Fix Missing Alt Tag
  4. Use Google schema markup

Hope this will help to your website.

by @Jack079 (115), 1 year ago

Really useful tips. I was able to do everything with them.

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