Stumped: On Site Duplicate Content with PDF

by @AnotherUserName (119), 2 weeks ago

Hello- Newbie to SEO so thank you in advance for your help.

I have duplicate content on my site in the form of a blog post and eBook. One is in text/blog post form and the other is in PDF. I can add a canonical reference from the blog post to itself (redundant) but I cannot add a canonical reference on the PDF file (obviously).

Question is: What is the best practice when a site duplicate content where one of the sources is in PDF format?


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by @AnotherUserName (119), 2 weeks ago

Think I found the answer. It may not matter after all:

You generally do not need to worry about duplicate content in a situation like this, even if you decide to mirror the content of your PDFs on HTML pages. If we recognize the URLs as containing duplicate content, we’ll just show one of them to users when they search; your site generally wouldn’t have any disadvantage by doing this. – John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google Switzerland

by @arifaakter (105), 1 week ago

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