Site gets deindexed every few weeks from main keyword

by @sirbobohobo (123), 1 year ago

My website keeps getting deindexed every few days from the search results in the main keyword, it's in Hebrew so I'll put the Hebrew keyword and a link to the page for you to see.

So the main keyword is חדרים לפי שעה which keeps getting deindexed, the keyword is very competitive and I've reached number 9-10 with it on the first page.

it keeps disappearing completely from the results and coming back after a few days, instead, there's a random local category page on page 3-4-5 which has nothing to do with the keyword itself until the main keyword page shows up again.

Now, this happens only in Israel, basically, if you search the main keyword from any other country, I've tried Europe and the US the page does show just fine, seems to be a local issue which I'm not sure whether it's my fault or a Google bug.

Category pages are indexed correctly for example חדרים לפי שעה בקריות which is positioned at number 5.

I've got dozens of category pages in high positioned, meanwhile, the main keyword refuses to stay indexed, I don't mind the page showing on page 5, page 9, or page 20, but I want to see it... it just disappears completely while there are irrelevant results on pages 3-4, I don't even show up

Category pages are showing pretty high in the search results, my website is quite powerful, and ranks high in many very competitive categories as it's a domain from 2000 with backlinks in the same niche, so it's not new...

Does anyone have any ideas on why this would happen? Any tips?

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by @ms (2482), 1 year ago

Very first tip I have for you: do not link-spam your posts, if you are seriously looking for answer/information.

The other thing is, this is language specific, much smaller index, different behaviour. I am not aware of anyone here on board being expert on Hebrew SEO, so not sure if anyone can help. Unfortunately, I can not.

by @sirbobohobo (123), 1 year ago

I didn’t put the link for backlinks purposes, this is a genuine question, so you can contrast between the pages and search google to see the issue.

by @BrillMindzz (105), 1 year ago

keep updating the page content according to the keyword list and keep the track of pages in google search console

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