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by @bbqmatt (124), 11 months ago

Do you have a recommended time that I should have out of stock products on my site? Like say the product will be back in one month or so should I completely remove the product and do a redirect to a like for like product? TIA

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by @jaap (1667), 11 months ago

It depends, Out of stock products are very good conversion killers. So I would advice to have a proper stock management.

If the product will be back in a month, probably this you have to mention in the stock status. Giving the client the opportunity to buy it anyway. with the notification that the delivery will be within a month is an option. But very depending on the type of product you sell, whether this is accepted.

Never remove a returning the product! If a product will be sold out for ever, you can with a 301 to a relevant page.

by @bbqmatt (124), 11 months ago

Thank you @jaap I thought that may be case just making sure ;-)

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