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by @jgough (114), 5 months ago

Our website is a home services site with several different services and also service several towns (26)

Our recently was updated to this format A location page for each town with a link to a service page for each service

The site used to have A service page for each city so we had hundreds of pages.

We are using workdpress with elementor and Yoast Professional

What is the best way to proceed so that we can start to climb rankings for keywords like TOWN SERVICE?

Thank in advance

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by @ms (3194), 5 months ago

New hierarchy sounds better if you asked me. What I am not sure about is; Do you still have TOWN x SERVICES number of pages?

I'd probably keep that, because most long tail searches will likely be service in town (I remember that from times when Overture Keyword Selector was a thing) so you'd definitely want to target those while having really good on-page experience browsing either from service to town and from town to service.

If I were you, I'd focus on proper interlinking of the pages so as you said TOWN -> services SERVICE -> towns

That should generate relevant pages with relevant internal links.

by @binayjha (2588), 5 months ago

With the structure of web pages of the website you mentioned, it has an upper hand to rank with the desired keywords. It requires content optimization for the keywords, internal linking as suggested by @ms in the above answer, and a few backlinks.

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