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by @jitendraseo (156), 1 year ago

Is there any source from where I can see the actual strategy that worked for any domain to increase reach and traffic?

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by @binayjha (4974), 1 year ago

Traffic analysis of a business can leads to the strategy used. There are many tools to analyze the same. For example,


These tools provide the traffic source type, whether it is a direct or through Google organic search or Google PPC or social media or likewise. With this data, a marketer can further explore for each category traffic.

While checking for the SEO strategy used, we gather the keywords pulling traffic to the site. Then we check backlinks profile of the site which provides a glimpse of the anchor text used and the quality of backlinks won. Next, we can check the pages for on-page optimization for a specific keyword.

So, the strategy gathering involves few steps as mentioned.

by @Gamerseo (1330), 1 year ago

Build a blog on the site. Get links from pages with real traffic. It is important that the user sees the returns link and has the opportunity to click on this link.

by @EricaWalters (110), 1 year ago

There are several resources and platforms where you can find strategies and best practices for increasing reach and traffic for your specific domain. A few examples include:

  1. Blogs and Websites: Many popular marketing and SEO-focused blogs and websites such as Moz, Search Engine Land, and Neil Patel offer a wealth of information on strategies for increasing reach and traffic.

  2. Social Media: Joining social media groups and forums in your industry can provide valuable insights and tips from experts and fellow professionals.

  3. Online Courses: Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare offer courses on marketing, SEO, and other relevant topics that can provide actionable strategies.

  4. Conferences and Webinars: Attending industry-specific conferences and webinars can give you a chance to learn from experts and network with peers.

By combining the advice and strategies from these various sources and testing what works best for your specific domain, you can develop a successful reach and traffic strategy.

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