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by @lexer (186), 5 months ago

I currently made a bunch of individual town pages, over 25 of them about 5 weeks ago. I see a few are showing up on page one of google whereas others are no where to be found. is it possible/ normal for some new pages to show up quicker on google than others? Example, One town page may show up on page 1 of google within a week of publishing and another page (town ) may take 3 months even though they were all published around the same time? is that common?

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by @binayjha (5094), 5 months ago

Yes, it happens. Internal linking of pages and backlinks resolve the issue.

by @lexer (186), 5 months ago

thank you.. can you give me an example please of internal linking and backlinks ?

by @binayjha (5094), 5 months ago

When a page is linked from another page of the same website it is called internal linking. When a web page is linked from another website it is called backlink.

by @jaap (1667), 5 months ago

Why not link all cities from the homepage? And from every city back to the homepage with different relevant anchor texts? A big site in the Netherlands has great results with this.

If you want to rank beter with a city, see if you can link also from another page well indexed. It should help.

by @nathandiaz (125), 5 months ago

These day google showing only 100 result on its SERPs your pages probably in those over 100 pages that google have not showing To rank those pages include Keyword that people has been searching on google search bar for that you have to do keyword research

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