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by @bundy.cro@gmail.com (112), 8 months ago


I hope someone has knowledge on SEO.

today i went to check the situation for my website called


in Google search console. And to my regret I noticed that about 80% of the URLs were not indexed. It says the following:


I have now requested indexing. but as far as I can see there is a limit, only 5-6 URLs can be requested per day.

Is there any other way I can speed up the process?

I am so sad :(

Thank you

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by @Nzefili (105), 8 months ago

So so sorry for what you are facing. I was once in such situation.

The solution for you is within your disposal if you are using WordPress CMS in your website.

There is SEO plugin called Rank math. It has an option which allows you to submit your content and get index in Google within 30 mins.

Study this plugin so you can enjoy it's benefits of quick content indexing.

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