SEO not Improving.

by @dgkhta (134), 2 years ago

So I have websites like




and both sites have domains with high authority linking to them. And not just normal other sites, there are some of the most popular sites linking to my sites too. But domain authority has not been improving at all.

Any experts can tell me what is the factor that stops them from improving their SEO score?

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by @ms (4012), 2 years ago

Honestly, I don't see many authority websites linking...

by @SeoGaint (110), 2 years ago

There is a term, Spam Score, which is also introduced by Moz. This Spam Score is a measurement of the website to know the spam of a website and one of the main factors behind the increase in this number is bad links. so check if your website has broken links? The second factor can be social media Social, media marketing is common for all the search engines and if you are addicted to it then you wouldn’t be able to increase the domain authority as well as the ranking on the search engine.

There are different social media platforms and amongst them, you should have a profile on the most common platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Google+, and some others.

If your site is connected with these platforms then it would be a positive signal for the Moz algorithm to increase your DA score.


There can be many possible reasons for the lack of appearance in Search Results.

  1. Maybe you are using high-volume keywords.
  2. Your content is less informative than your competitors.
  3. Too many spam links
  4. Your website is not responsive.
  5. On-Site Optimization is poor for websites.
by @Gamerseo (1330), 2 years ago

High authority is not enough. You should look for backlinks that will drive traffic to your website. Links from wikipedia and other websites that are considered to be experts sites in the website will also be very helpful.

by @jonykeyn (105), 2 years ago

In fact, you need a diversified and natural-looking backlink profile to boost your domain authority and subsequently search rankings. If you get only do-follow backlinks from high DA platforms, it may raise suspicions from search engines. Especially when you have no traffic on your website. I suggest acquiring various backlinks. You can get forum backlinks, backlinks from popular social media platforms, like Quora is. You may also try getting backlinks through directory submissions. This way you will have a diversified backlink profile, boost link juice, and get higher rankings.

by @Birous (105), 1 year ago

Hello everyone, I started building links to my site, what is the difference between Dofollow and Nofollow links? How to build backlinks to a website?

by @binayjha (4999), 1 year ago

Reflection of domain authority takes time. Keep getting quality backlinks.

Regarding SEO score, it requires strategic off-page optimization as per the backlink profile of the domains.

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