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by @dreamhome.dk (114), 3 years ago

Hi, My wife has started a new website


We have tried google adwords, and get some "click" from there - but not any sales/customers. We have looked at SEO using backlinks etc, will that work? We donĀ“t need clicks, but customers:-) Site is new, only 3 weeks old. Thanks

B/rgs Mads

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by @jaap (1667), 3 years ago

Start with proper meta descriptions. Back links should be of high authority and relevant. For a new site you can start with adding your link to some good directories. Start blogging about your products. Use H1 tag only once per page. What's the bounce rate? Use f.e. hotjar the see what your visitors do and don't Don't try to sell, but to inform visitors. etc, etc...

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