SEO link strategy for five article posts I purchased

by @27ragbag (126), 2 years ago

I purchased five article posts to five different websites. All technology related and the DA for each is: DA72, DA69, DA66, DA66 and DA60.

My goal was buying the posts (I am providing the unique content to each site) to build links back to my main site. Here is the Question:

Should I create content for each website to point back to my main site, individually?


Should I have each article point to the next article website, to the next article website, with the last article website pointing to the main site?

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by @ms (4047), 2 years ago

Technically, it would be of greater benefit to your site if you had all the articles linking to your site.

However! As always, there is a catch.

If you have smaller/newer website, which has not been getting new backlinks from high DA sites at such pace, it will be red flag if you get 5 super strong links from 5 different websites at once.

Other issue here is, that you'd probably link to the same URL.

I'd prefer getting links gradually over time, each article linking to a related page, not homepage.

by @jaap (1667), 2 years ago

Absolutely agree,

Common mistake is to link mainly to the homepage. Relevance is very important. A sudden grow of high authority backlinks is bad. They'll be useless, because they'll be considered as paid ones.

by @mammu505 (65), 2 years ago

I believe SEO uniqueness in the content is very important.I think creating a separate content for a website will be easy as it will be unique

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