Russian/Netherlands/Deutch/Honkong Spam Links attack - Need help with understanding

by @MaykSO (114), 1 year ago

Hi Guys!

Im from Poland, and since the beginning of this year, many of Russian Spam Links appeared in my backlink profile, in 4 month i got like 3k spam link to my profile, and everyday they are getting bigger and bigger, does it affect my positioning ? I would be very gratefoul for any help/advice, should i disavow them or leave them and let Google take care of them? I would also be very gratefoul to contact me in private, couse cant post ss here so i can ask more based on those ss. Those Russian links also links to my images mostly (dofollow attribute)


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by @binayjha (3810), 1 year ago

Google will take care of bad links itself. Regarding the outgoing links from your pages, those must be removed to save the link juice.

by @ahsaien (105), 1 year ago

I've read somewhere that those links are not considered by Google as a ranking factor. Also, spam score is not a real thing, so just ignore those.

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