Removing my mega menu a good idea?

by @ginjarou (119), 1 week ago


I work for a B2B website which has a large 'mega' navigation menu. It has hundreds of links to our most popular pages.

Our UX designer would like to change that instead for a page with the menu links on. I.e., you click 'Products' on the menu but are instead taken to a page with all the products listed within the pages as links.

At first I thought this was bad as this nav menu is currently giving us links to all our important pages. However after some research I found have comments that these 'mega' menus contain TOO many links and can really damage equity.

I do have a good sitemap so don't think any of the pages will become orphaned.

Any advice on what to do would be appreciated!


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by @ms (1801), 1 week ago

At first, hundreds of links in a single menu seems like something people can't navigate easily. Also, the juice is getting diluted by adding links...

In the end, doesn't sound like a navigation with so many links. Does it really help your users navigate?

Take a look at your users first, imagine their experience. SEO is nice thing to have, but learn to treat your users well first. Otherwise, they end up bouncing and your efforts might be worthless.

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