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My site is currently in Joomla and I'm in the process of recreating it in wp. The joomla site has had the url rewrite on for a few years. So, I'm not sure how to handle it. There are a couple hundred that rank 1st page. I was thinking 301 redirect to the first part of the destination url? For example:


redirect to:

.com/154-unconventional-mortgage-lenders or .com/unconventional-mortgage-lenders

1 more question. As you can see, there are item id's in the the url. Should I keep those id's?

Thank you for your time..

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Your thinking is good, redirects all the old URLs permanently to the new URLs. So the link juice or page rank pass to the new page and gets ranked on SERPs. And you need to keep those ids to the URLs. If you delete those ids, then the content of the old URL could not be found and it will become a broken link after redirecting it.

by @Gamerseo (1330), 1 year ago

When it comes to users, I would set the redirection after a dozen or so seconds with information about the change of address. So that the user is informed about the change of address.


If I 301 redirect all existing URLs (rewrite URLs) from the old (joomla) website (soon to be old site once I launch the new website) to the new (wordpress) website, wouldn't I lose the content from all of the old rewrite URL pages??

In other words (I hope I'm explaining this properly) if I currently have 100 URLs (rewrite URLs), all with different content/meta data, and I redirect all of them to one URL, wouldn't I lose the content from all of those rewrite URLs??

For example:

If I redirect .com/programs-we-offer/abc-loan-program and .com/programs-we-offer/xyz-loan-program and .com/programs-we-offer/zyx-loan-program and .com/programs-we-offer/xx-loan-program To .com/programs-we-offer

Wouldn't I then lose all of the content from the above example URLs?

Note: In an effort to retain existing site page(s) rank, I’m trying to recreate the new site as similar as I can (right?) to the existing site.

Thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate it!


When I say lose all of the content from the above example URLs, I mean lose all the content from the above pages.

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