Rank 1000 Keywords In a minimum time by only one person

by @sherineto (123), 2 months ago

Hello Guys I'm Doing a job as Seo Expert For the last three months in a Private E-commerce Supplements Company. The manager wants all their keywords ranked in 1st position he wants regular updates on all keywords there are approximately more than 1000 keywords. and I'm the only one who is doing an SEO here. When keywords drop 1 position he is regularly asking why is keyword drops... even our company stats are good but not good that compete WebMD, healthlines and all other premium sites, and he wants regular updates on all keywords .. what do I do NOw..?

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by @binayjha (2863), 2 months ago

You should explain your reporting manager about how SEO works. You can provide daily activity report and fortnightly ranking report to the manager.

by @sherineto (123), 2 months ago

Yes, But He JUst wants all company keywords in the top 1st position. I said another name for SEO is fluctuation.. no anyone guaranteed that if our one keyword is on top No.1 Position it will be no1 after some time... I Tried Many Times. That SEO on all keywords is not possible I cant work on all keywords at the same time.

by @sunseoservices (60), 2 months ago

If You want to get a ranking then research the market and target the link for google first page. Without quality, link don't post any area.

by @lokeshsingh (139), 1 month ago

You can achieve it but need more resources or a complete Digital Marketing team to do this.

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