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by @calculus67 (118), 8 months ago

Hello Everyone,

I have a piece of content on my website that was performing well in terms of daily clicks. I'm sharing a screenshot from Search Console to illustrate this. After a sudden drop in page clicks around October 9th, there was a slight increase, but then my page completely disappeared from Google search results. In fact, when I tried to search for my page on Google, it didn't show up at all, even though it used to rank at the top.

What could be the reason behind this sudden issue? I've requested reindexing through Search Console, but it didn't seem to help. Sometimes, it also gave a warning about exceeding the main machine load. What could be causing this problem? Page Click Problem

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by @binayjha (5094), 8 months ago
  1. Check for a manual penalty using GSC
  2. Update the content of the page somehow
  3. Win some quality relevant links

Good Luck Ahead!

by @jaap (1667), 8 months ago

Google finished rolling out the October 2023 spam update. Might be the reason.


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