Our Website is not coming google 1st page

by @bismatrimony (117), 3 years ago

Hello all , Our website not ranking on google 1st page . We have done everything , content writing , back links, comments ..etc also spent huge money on google ads and Facebook ads, but no use for it. I have checked many website and their back link has very less also website speed is very low but their website is ranking good .Now our hope is "seoforum" . I need your suggestions and guidelines. our website is


Soniya Bis

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by @bomb (165), 3 years ago

Assuming Kerala is in India, it means, you have made a website and want people to come automatically. It doesn't happen that way.

  • Promote your site to your target audience. You should rank in India, before you start looking for global backlinks.
  • Your content is very little.
  • Why should google put you on page 1? On which search term?
  • You have written content without doing keyword research?
  • Your domain is over 3 years old. You should easily rank. There is something you're doing right.
  • What SEO tool are you using? Google doesn't show low-quality content. Page 1 is for high quality content only.

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