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by @winnerseotool (137), 1 month ago

I have a plumber's website that I want to promote in a certain city. I wanted to know if I open several services that I provide with the same city name, is it correct for SEO or "spam"?

For example :


Residential Plumbing "city name"

Emergency Plumbing "city name"

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by @ms (3855), 1 month ago

This is the kind of keyword Google understands well thanks to LSI.

So if I look for "residential plubming phoenix" for example, In suggested searches I can see:

  • cheap plumber phoenix
  • commercial plumbing contractors phoenix, az
  • best plumbers in phoenix
  • plumbers phoenix
  • emergency plumber phoenix
  • phoenix plumbing and drain service
  • plumbers near me
  • plumber scottsdale

So I wouldn't be worried about context. I would still mention those on the website anyway, from the potential client point of view; they need to know if you do both commercial and residential plumbing, and maybe also if you can work after regular hours when something breaks (emergency).

But Google can figure out those relevant keywords.

Creating separate pages for specific services in the same city can be good for SEO, as it allows you to target different keywords and user intents. Just ensure that the content on each page is unique and valuable. It's not spam as long as the information is relevant and genuinely helpful for users searching for those specific services in your targeted city.

by @winnerseotool (137), 1 month ago

Thank you !

by @Yasirkhan (146), 1 month ago

IMO, if you cover your focused service and cover all the keywords related to with that Niche, and create more topics in the same manner, that will show to the Google topical authority, make social signals create GMP, so you will get what you want.

by @Zinavopvtltd (190), 1 month ago

Creating separate pages for specific services in a city can be beneficial for SEO when done correctly. Ensure each page offers unique, valuable content related to the specific service, avoiding duplicate content. Use this approach thoughtfully to enhance user experience and avoid appearing spammy to search engines.

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