One page ranking for a keyword that is meant for another keyword.

by @Thenoob123 (119), 1 year ago

I have two pages on my website one is called /iPhone-8/ and the other is called /iPhone-8-plus/. They're meant to rank for keywords: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. When searching for "iPhone 8 Plus", it works perfectly fine and the site /iPhone-8-plus/ ranks high.

But now to the problem. When searching for "iPhone 8", the page /iPhone-8-plus/ appears and it ranks poorly. I would very much like /iPhone-8/ to rank for "iPhone 8 " searches.

In search console it says that its a double and that it is non-canonical.

Any of you have an idea of what to do?

Thanks in advance :-)

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by @roneidaselva (115), 1 year ago

Hi, Try to create a backlink of your Website Link of iPhone 8 on the keyword of "iPhone 8" and the website link of iPhone 8 plus on the keyword "iPhone 8 plus". This will help you for better results.

by @shivkaalinfotech (61), 1 year ago

Don't try too hard, work smartly and just give a button for each product. When users will reach on any page on your site, they can easily visit on your another product page.

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