No rankings from 6 Months

by @riapoojary (141), 2 years ago

I have this website




I have been working on both these brands for the past 6 months but I can see no rankings for the keywords that I am working on. The site is being crawled and everything. I am really frustrated now. I can't find any reasons why my site is not being shown up on the search results. Can anyone please help me out with this. You can find the keywords for individual websites on the backend. Is that any major thing that I am missing out on or is there any major error that I need to work on?

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by @ms (3855), 2 years ago

Any particular keywords you're targeting?

by @theseobuzz (105), 2 years ago

Ill check your website is rank some of generic keyword like

c bella cbella bella cbd bella naturals bella naturals cbd c shop bella c coachella naturals c bella

first you need to start again proper keywords research and target title meta title tags and description. and heading tags and much more your website is according to google new updates you should learn more about seo then you do.

by @riapoojary1 (130), 2 years ago

@ms @theseobuzz Yes keywords for cbella are cbd oil online cbd tincture for sale full spectrum hemp oil hemp oil for pain broad spectrum cbd oil cbd oil tincture thc free cbd oil

and the keywords for foresta- immunity booster tablets vegan omega 3 natural immunity booster supplements to boost immune system green coffee capsule milk thistle tablets

I have added all the required meta tags as well to both the website also Foresta organics has been optimised very well from the content perspective I also agree that cbella is not that optimised by the website content If you can please only have a look at foresta that would help too Please help me out

by @riapoojary1 (130), 2 years ago

Sorry for not being clear here are the keywords

  • **### Cbella-
  • **cbd oil online, cbd tincture for sale, full spectrum hemp oil, hemp oil for pain, broad spectrum cbd oil, cbd oil tincture, thc free cbd oil


  • Foresta-

  • **immunity booster tablets, vegan omega 3, natural immunity booster, supplements to boost immune system, green coffee capsule, milk thistle tablets
by @jaap (1667), 2 years ago

To start somewhere let's take your long tail key word "supplements to boost immune system". Which page should rank for this?

by @proranksa (105), 2 years ago

Hi there

Here are some recommendations that could prevent your website rankings:

  1. Duplicate Content- Make Sure the website information is unique. Check with copyscape.
  2. Slow Downloading- Check to see if the website loads quickly.
  3. Malmare- Check to see if your website is free from viruses and malware.

If the website is brand new, I believe it's placed in a Google Sandbox, so that also could be a big possibility.

by @jaap (1667), 2 years ago

Your "supplements to boost immune system" is in 3 alt tags only. Google can consider this as keyword stuffing. Try to add it also in your decscription. and in one H2 tag. If this is the main keyword for the page, add it in your meta tags too. Then link from another page with the exact text to your page. And if possible with some varitions from other pages.

A few backlinks from relevant high authority domains will do the rest.

by @riapoojary1 (130), 2 years ago

Yes, Thanks @jaap but do you know why I haven't even ranked for this keyword yet. Because i have been following this strategy for all other brands and I have been seeing results

by @riapoojary1 (130), 2 years ago

Hey, @proranksa Thanks for your reply! I have gone through all your points and haven't found any of these issues. Can you please let me know if you can technically audit the website and find any errors?

by @riapoojary1 (130), 2 years ago

@ms can you please help me out

by @jaap (1667), 2 years ago

It always depends on many factors. You cannot successfully compare one keyword with another that has a good position in the search results. Where one word has only little competition, this can completely differ for another word, so that the approach for ranking will be different.

Quick solutions are often fairytales. Seo is a long road without end.

by @bynext (110), 2 years ago

Focus on below practice :-

  1. Work on Low Competition keyword
  2. Focus on Referring Backlink
  3. Install SEO plugin
  4. Share on social media (Youtube , Facebook . Pinrest , Instagram, telegram, ASK.FM, Twitter, Mix.... hope you will get best result.

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