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by @AdultSiteBroker (128), 9 months ago

Hey all,

Nice to be here.

I'm thinking of putting a section in my website that has an RSS feed with articles from news websites in the adult industry.

Will this help or hurt my SEO?

We broker adult websites and I want to create as much link juice as possible.

We already have a very active blog and that's doing a great job for our SEO.

Thanks in advance.


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by @ms (4047), 8 months ago

This will be opinion based, as it always depends on so many factors, including implementation. Anyway, I think it won't help nor hurt your site itself. If you pull all the content, it will be duplicate content and you won't rank with it (unless competing with very low authority websites). If you pull just the titles and excerpts, it's not enough content to rank with...

So it's more about your visitors though - will this extra source of information help them? Is it something they're looking for and why they visit your website?

If it's beneficial, go ahead. If it's just a clutter to have one more feature on the site, I'd avoid it.

by @AdultSiteBroker (128), 8 months ago

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I think there is some value to my visitors, being able to find everything in one place. But I was hoping I'd get an SEO boost too. My SEO manager told me the same thing, but it's always good to get different opinions and this is a good place for that.

by @jaap (1667), 8 months ago

For SEO there's no value. Keep also in mind that you make a lot of effort to get visitors to your site. Offering links to leave are not always very helpful.

I would rewrite interesting news and publish it at your blog. So visitors will stay where you want them to be.

by @AdultSiteBroker (128), 8 months ago

Thanks so much. I was thinking about doing that. Maybe AI rewrites.

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