new to seo but not very new :-)

by @waqaspuri@gmail.com (110), 2 weeks ago

We are approved site Google News + Google AdSense blog website


I'm not supposed to add the URL but that can not be possible with a expert to look at the domain, so this site is publishing news through press release and content from different website (probably you can count as plagiarism) and few content through content writers. We are technically sound with tags, and speed test and all .. schema s, however we are not happy with the result that is not too good at this moment, even if we add the unique content (paid), we are finding a solution for this, so might be semrush is the first choice at this moment.

the problem appears when you have too many category (latest news, world news, national) and and you can not find a niche to make research on it, or in a blog that contains tons of different news. probably a hard time to understand the way to make the blog better.

  • If someone can guide e.g. if we have the semrush what do we do for newslead.net at first step to improve overall SEO and next if we hire a freelancer will that help us to improve our quality to publishing unique non-plagiarism content.

First but not last : How to research on the topic that are trending sorted country with semrush

  • What if you purchase a domain name that already contains thousand of backlinks but you can not do anything as their slugs and title are not of your interest.

  • Please elaborate, if someone can guide like either off-page SEO is important or in-page SEO.

  • Am not able to determine the entrance gate if you have site that has half done SEO or that is good/bad in google result.

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