Need help to start SEO of a website

by @genasanford (101), 3 years ago

I have started working on a website:

I am hoping to drive traffic from various platforms, being an accounting website can I have some suggestion where do I start my off-page SEO from?

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by @Mintu_234 (80), 3 years ago

How to start 'SEO' of a website I suggest you easy way's

  1. You choose a domain-relevant your niche.
  2. Meta title and meta description relevant to your topic at least one keyword.
  3. Check duplicate content.
  4. Your site https secure.
  5. Cheak canonical issue.

    Some activity is very- very important for Seo

    1. Directory submission 100 every day
    2. Bookmarking submissions' 100 every day
    3. docs submission 5 every day.
    4. Blog Submission 1 every day.
    5. Article submission 1 every day
    6. Classified submission 10 every day

// no self-promo please

by @bhumi (120), 3 years ago

I would suggest you to perform on-page well for your site, then go for OFF page activities.

by @genasanford (101), 3 years ago

Thank you for your valuable time and suggestions

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