My website blog posts not getting crawl and indexed

by @raheelahemed (153), 2 years ago

Hi folks, I need your help to solve this issue because i tried from a week but not sorted it.

My website blog pages not showing in Google SERP. I tried to inform google through Google search console but i got this below message in google search console while Inspect URl.

Google search console message = "Discovered - currently not indexed".

Website is:


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by @skylingdigital (38), 2 years ago

Hi, When you created the blog?

by @Saim785 (159), 2 years ago

according to my experience some blogs take 24-48 hours o index all depends on content but am also noticing a terrible change that blog and content not getting index, it seems google has change in algorithm that's why shopping sites had a fall.

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