My website authority getting Down Day-by-Day. How can I recover it?

by @mpweb (123), 9 months ago

I am making backlink from a high authority website daily, but still losing my website authority day-by-day. Why this is happening to my website? Please give me any suggestion regarding this.

My website:

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by @ms (1324), 9 months ago

This is odd situation. Often, it works the other way, but I have experienced similar scenario in the past.

It happened when my client started earning backlinks by spamming forums and blog comments. So what happened was initial signal when the link was created (positive) has been suppressed by negative signal when Google found out, that the link has been removed days/weeks later.

It's same here on SEO forum. When you post something, receive an upvote, reply, you earn some points (as defined per action). On the other side, if your post is removed for SPAM, we pull a lot more points from your score. For example, if you post a thread, you get 10 points. If it's deleted for SPAM, we subtract 100 points...

From my experience, links works the similar way. You get points for earning links, but the negative signal from links disappearing could be more destructive.

by @tyralightle (105), 9 months ago

Website authority does not only depends upon the back links but also depends upon the quality back links. Whenever you built back links, always make sure that those back links should be related to the property you linking. Here are some point that you should consider to increase domain authority.

1) When you create a back links, always ensure to have sufficient amount of content. Also, always write fresh content, duplicate content devalue your links. 2) Create back links on website that has higher authority than yours. Suppose your domain authority is 20, in this case create a backlink on website that has more than 20 DA. 3) Do not spam: Do not post anything on spam websites. Instead of getting benefits your website will loose authority.

by @matthewsstephen12 (190), 8 months ago
  1. Post Quality Content.
  2. Use High Authority website for posting.
  3. Create Backlink always on the website which is higher than your website.

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