My site is not getting indexed. Help.

by @gokimedia (120), 1 year ago

Hello, I have entered hundreds of original articles on my website. But I am not getting any traffic. Also, I do not rank organically in any way. I'm not even 99th on certain words. There are more than 400 articles. It is very interesting that they do not enter even a single word.

I use Gatsby. waiting for your help.

site: dailyfinancemoney.com

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by @binayjha (5094), 1 year ago

Pages are indexed,


In regard to ranking, both on-page SEO and off-page SEO need to be applied to rank at top positions in SERPs.

by @discoveryhomes (395), 1 year ago

35 pages are indexed even March blogs are also indexed.

by @jaap (1667), 1 year ago

Improve UX first. All these broken links in your menu don't help.

Internal linking will help

What are the most important keywords?

by @matt_mirecki (130), 1 year ago

I would suggest fixing the broken links or redirecting to actual, existing pages.

Then, think about focusing on writing for backlinks. This includes 1) using certain content frameworks (like guidebooks, industry studies or detailed checklists), 2) implementing share triggers (3000+ words, custom graphics, original research if possible, storytelling) 3) getting in touch with other bloggers through outreach, stroke their ego a little bit, and possibly get them to share your content

There ain't no ranking without backlinks. However, you seem to have started getting some since April 3rd

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