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by @saeed51100 (112), 5 months ago

Hello, good time 10 days ago, I registered my site in the search console, which is indexed and has no errors. But when I search in Google, it does not find it When I search, the site opens. I have two questions: 1- Does it take more time to show the site in Google results? (Given that the site is indexed) 2- Is different from Which one should I use? Thanks

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by @binayjha (2549), 5 months ago

There must be some manual action if it is indexed and not reflecting in Google SERP. Search Console can say the real issue.

"site:" should be used in small letters to get the desired results. In case of all capital letters, the conditional search get void and whole string is treated as the search string without any functional operation. So, yes, these two searches are different.

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