My SEO Project crawl keyword very slow, and always not crawled the targeted keyword

by @anderson (121), 9 months ago

I have be doing Thailand Project SEO almost 1 years, I facing several issue for the project

1) crawl new keyword very slow, and sometime will lose signal, new keyword crawl 2~3days then lose signal. 2) never crawled our target before, even have also 1 day disappear

We do done on-page nicely with EEAT and cluster content, regular update blog post, off-page link building with High DA and trusted domain, quite amount of backlink, but we not talking about first page yet, like what I mention just now, not even a single sign for targeted keyword appear on SERP, anyone have idea is Thailand SEO need different strategy or anything I miss out? any one can give me some advice

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by @jaap (1667), 9 months ago

What's the URL?

by @anderson (121), 9 months ago

my url

by @seopropellant11 (145), 9 months ago

It's clear that you've put a lot of effort into your Thailand Project SEO. It's not uncommon to face difficulties in the world of SEO, and there can be several reasons why you're not seeing improvements in your rankings. Here are some considerations and advice to help you address the issues you've mentioned:

Crawling Issues:

Slow Crawling: Slow keyword crawling could be due to various factors, including server response time, the size of your website, or the efficiency of your XML sitemap. Ensure that your site is technically optimized to allow for faster crawling. Consider using tools like Google Search Console to monitor crawl rates. Keyword Signal Loss: If keywords are losing signal after 2-3 days, it might indicate that your content isn't sufficiently authoritative or unique. Focus on creating high-quality, in-depth content that offers value to users. Ensure that your keyword usage is natural and not over-optimized. Visibility Issues:

New Keywords: If you're targeting new keywords that have never been crawled before, it can be challenging to gain visibility. It might take more time for search engines to recognize and rank these keywords. Be patient and continue optimizing your content. Disappearing Keywords: Keywords disappearing from SERPs after a day could indicate algorithmic fluctuations. Monitor these keywords closely to see if they return. This might be normal, but it's also possible that some on-page or off-page elements need further refinement.

SEO Strategy: On-Page SEO: It's great that you're following the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) guidelines and implementing cluster content. Double-check that your content is genuinely authoritative, and that it aligns with user search intent. Regular Updates: Continue with the regular blog posts, but make sure they're relevant and valuable. Consider incorporating trending topics or addressing user questions and concerns. Backlinks: While high DA and trusted domain backlinks are beneficial, focus on their relevance and diversity. Natural, quality backlinks are more valuable than quantity. Competitive Landscape: Thailand's SEO landscape might have unique characteristics and competition. Conduct a thorough competitor analysis to see what strategies are working for top-ranking websites in your niche. This can give you insights into the specific tactics that are effective in your market. Patience and Monitoring: SEO results can take time to materialize. Be patient and monitor your SEO efforts regularly. SEO is an ongoing process, and adjustments may be needed based on the data and results you observe over time.

Seek Professional Help: If you've tried various strategies and still don't see improvement, consider consulting with an experienced SEO professional or agency. They can provide a fresh perspective and expertise tailored to your specific situation. In conclusion, SEO can be challenging, and the competitiveness of the Thailand market may require a unique approach. Continue to refine your strategies, monitor performance, and adapt to the evolving landscape. By staying committed and open to adjustments, you can increase your chances of achieving better search engine rankings over time.

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