My client has separate different website each country

by @mallowstamayo (116), 5 months ago

So I have a client that has 4 stores and he also have 4 websites, it has the same content but different language based on the location of the stores. How can I rank all the website, I think Google will tag it as duplicate content since the language is only the difference. Only thoughts?

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by @lucadylan (190), 5 months ago

To avoid duplicate content issues with multiple websites sharing similar content in different languages, you can implement hreflang tags in the HTML of each website. Hreflang tags indicate to search engines the relationship between different language versions of a page. By specifying the language and regional targeting for each version, you help search engines understand that the content is intended for different audiences. Additionally, focus on localized SEO strategies for each website, including region-specific keywords, backlinks from local websites, and creating unique, location-specific content when possible. Providing valuable and relevant content tailored to each target audience will enhance the user experience and improve your chances of ranking well in local search results.

by @binayjha (4684), 5 months ago

Make use of Hreflang tag to reach your SEO goal.

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