Micro Websites Going Down from September 2023

Hey there SEO people. I have a legitimate question for all the SEO experts out there. I have one major website of a DA in a technology niche of 55+. Apart from that I have 20-30 other websites with DA ranging from 15 to 45.

Now, after the Google helpful content Update in Sept 2023. Our sites started going down. Even after the April 2024 update, we are still going down. We noticed that somehow our main site was still on rank after putting in some effort. But, we lost our rankings on all the microsites. Even after following all SEO guidelines and the day & night hard work of all the team members, the micro websites were not getting retrieved. Please Help me understand what we are missing. I am unable to get the answer as we have tried almost everything.

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by @Carparkingsapp (130), 2 weeks ago

Hello Please Search on fiverr recover from google hit and the man with green picture may help you with these sites. He is very helpful and cooprative helped me with my sites.

by @seoclerk (74), 1 week ago

Micro niches are very affected in these updates, one main factor is content. If you check may be your content coverage is not enough to satisfy google. You have start with niche analysis and then content analysis. Also, don't ignore technical issues in GSC.

by @ms (3950), 1 week ago

SERPs are changing. With AI, there is endless amount of content to be possibly created, so long form textual content isn't something that will get you to the top anymore...

For example, e-commerce is ranking better since these updates. Blogs, reviews, POV, research, forums... these are going up in search because they bring genuine value and Google is trying hard to understand how is content on the internet changing to bring searchers best results by their intent.

Maybe try to enrich your site with more audio-visual content? Consider adding an ecommerce section (merch). There are multiple options that seems to work for webmasters right now.

The drop in rankings for your microsites following Google's updates probably means that you need to focus on creating more unique, high-quality, and user-centered content for those sites. Google's recent content updates prioritize valuable content for users over quantity. To improve the microsites' performance, make sure each one has distinct, comprehensive content that caters to specific user needs and avoid having thin or duplicate content. Additionally, strengthen your main site's authority to indirectly benefit the microsites through internal linking and cross-promotion.

by @rajarshisolutions (110), 1 week ago

I suggest you to Work on all these factors:

1) Content Quality and Relevance 2) Backlink Profile 3) Site Structure and Technical SEO 4) Duplicate Content 5) User Experience 6) Google Penalties 7) Competitive Landscape 8)Algorithm Changes

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