Lost the ranking for my websites in last 15 days, Please Help ?

by @skumar881212 (131), 6 months ago



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by @binayjha (2539), 6 months ago

Due to the increased competition in your niche, there is a need of both on-page SEO and Off-page SEO improvements.

by @skumar881212 (131), 6 months ago

Any Suggestion can you give ?

by @binayjha (2539), 6 months ago

@skumar881212 There is a need of SEO overhaul. Almost all sections required a re-work. There is not a specific section which requires a revamp. In other words, a restart of SEO efforts required.

by @ms (3182), 6 months ago

@skumar881212 you have provided zero context. If there wasn't response from @binayjha already, I'd delete the thread right away because of no value at all.

Please, either elaborate a bit about your issue or don't post at all. Looks like straight link hunting.

by @oliviathemarketer (239), 6 months ago

Hey! Did you try guest posting? This is one of the most effective methods to rank on SERPs. You can use this tool called Postifluence to guest post on the top ranking sites on automation. It has many other features too which can help you to regain your rank again. Try this out I would say.

by @jennifer (80), 6 months ago

Hey, There may be many reasons to lose rankings for your site. You need to focus more on site speed, design elements link building, and use of social media, you can capture long tail keywords as well. Read this blog, it may be useful for your website.

by @etdigitalmarketing (180), 5 months ago

Losing rankings for your website could happen for a variety of reasons. Attempt guest posting. One of the best strategies for ranking in SERPs is this one. You should pay greater attention to your site's loading time, design components, link-building, and use of social media. You can also target long-tail keywords. Due to the increased competition in your niche, on-page SEO and off-page SEO improvements are required.

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