by @user88098597 (128), 1 year ago

Hey Experts I am an SEO and still trying to get top results but my competitors are too big so I decided to analyze their website and see what techniques they are using after doing research for some months I found many techniques and tricks but the thing that was common in all of them are Baclinks. They are getting backlinks from the homepage and the sites from which they are getting backlinks are so good and irrelevant that it seems to be impossible to get backlinks. after more research work I came to know that there are (Hackers) available in the market who can do this. These (Hackers) anyhow try to access their admin panel and then anonymously give us links from that website. So I am also in search of a (Hacker), who can give me this type of link I have many websites and just doing this for the experimental purpose of checking results so I am ready to take any risk or penalties by google but I want things to be done as I said Please inbox me directly if any of you can do this Thanks for reading!!!

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by @Prroton_444 (-135), 1 year ago

You can write me, if you want to get some logg or pass. Maybe you need to have data about the API or anything another keys by the various websites, so I can help you to work with them in the various niches. Anyway, you will see how does it work in the perspective and me in work.

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