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by @petslife (114), 3 months ago


Can someone tell me if link pages are still considered a good idea with regards to SEO and link building? I know they were frowned upon in "days of old" but would be interested to find out the opinions of others if they are still considered a good or bad thing and the pros and cons of them?

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by @ms (2286), 3 months ago

Unless the links are something your users are really looking for, I don't see a clear benefit of having "Link page". Of course, I don't know what exactly you mean, but would expect a page with links to multiple sites, mostly unrelated, purpose being linkbuilding. Well, this is not a great strategy today and I would avoid it. It's actually red flag when you think about it - no content just links to various websites.

I wouldn't expect high CTR either...

by @zwilliam (99), 3 months ago

Hi, Irrelevancy will make your website down and can be panelized so you can evaluate about link page is really much relevant or not?

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