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by @grooveacademy (114), 2 years ago

How would you do a KW research to see where a KW is being looked up the most nationally or internationally?

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by @jaap (1667), 2 years ago

Depending on your target audience.

by @RodneyUK (170), 1 year ago

Semrush is a very helpful tool for keyword research. It does cost money but it gives you what you are looking for, including:

  • Keyword difficulty - how hard it is to rank for a term
  • Variations of that term and their difficulty
  • Competition level of selected term
  • Volume of searches of that term on average

For example if I were looking to promote SEO businesses to buy, i'd put SEO businesses in the Semrush keyword analyser and i'd get variations of those terms.

Then i'd use those terms in my content on page to help my content rank for those terms.

There are quite a few handy tools out there that can help you with your keyword research, but most do unfortunately cost money.

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