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by @Blade1 (112), 2 years ago

Hi All,

New member here!

I have a small wordpress site. One thing I am confused about is for pages like contact us, what should my focus keyword/keyphrase be?


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by @seoinoryasoft (110), 2 years ago

Hi...As we all know contact us page is the lead generation key in the business perspective. At the end of the day we want visitors should end up by filling the details in contact us page. when a user does a search for focus keyword for contact page, search engine scans via websites for the most relevant content which is related to that keyword.

The title tag tells the search engine and user what our website is about? Mostly SEO takes care of keywords in the title tag & the content. so, while building your contact us page make sure that your title and description should describe basic content of your website, include targeting keywords.It is also important that you must use your business name and address in title tag. There should be much more than this to contact us page with proper planning. You can also include many optimizing tags and select the best output from it...

Hope this will be helpful for you..Thanks!

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