Keyword Ranking Fluctuation

by @murtza (116), 3 years ago

Hello guys, i am working on a site which ranking has not stable. Keyword comes in the ranking, and after some time they rank out. what should i do ?

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by @ms (3162), 3 years ago

Hey @murtza, welcome to SEO Forum.

Unfortunately, there is not enough information in your question. I find it genuine and normal that site ranks change over time, and so do the competitor ranks. You are 3rd today, and 5th tomorrow... It's not all about your site or action you do. Your competitor actions come into play just as vital as yours.

If they do the work, they rank higher and there is nothing wrong about it.

What timeframe are we talking about? I mean, given you start ranking well today, when does the drop happen?

by @matthewsstephen12 (192), 3 years ago

Ranking fluctuation reasons:

  1. Google Algorithm Changes.
  2. Major Algorithm Updates.
  3. Sudden Competition.
  4. Sudden Trends.
  5. Temporal Interest.
  6. New Content Added.
  7. Old Content Removed.
by @ms (3162), 3 years ago


Could really be 5. negative (as long as content is not SPAM, super low quality, duplicity, etc...)? Haven't experienced such a scenario yet. Sometimes, after adding new content, websites skyrocket in rankings, sometimes not so much and often it doesn't make any measurable difference in ranking at all, but haven't really seen a decline due to new content, given it was good quality content.

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