Keyword dropped 50 positions in one day (7th of July)

by @ja (123), 11 months ago


I opened a website in January and we have had some success in a short period of time. We got to the top3 of google with our main keyword.

However, on monday the 7th, we suddenly dropped from 3rd position to page 5. All the other keywords stayed on top.

For instance, one of our main keywords are "New" and "Best" #ourKeyword and they stayed up there but the main keyword dropped dramatically.

We haven't done any major updates on websit or no manual penalty. Moreover, if I check any other country's google, we are still in the top3. We only dropped in our country. Also, we are still on top on yahoo and bing.

The keyword is also our title of our homepage. Any ideas how we should try to fix this?

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by @ms (2482), 11 months ago

If no changes were made on the site and you have not received manual penalty, there is a chance, you've been hit by the Core Update, that was announced June 2nd:

It takes some time to roll out all over the search results, so 7th of June sounds like a good likelihood.
by @ja (123), 11 months ago


Yes I agree with you. This is most likely the case. However, my website has 99-100 page speed score and it has a good user experience.

Any ideas how to investigate what could be wrong?

by @chr15athone (105), 11 months ago

We have had the same issue over the last few weeks. It's just dropped off on a lot of keywords. When I use ahrefs or semrush our score is between 95 and 99. Nothing in Google search console, its the first time I have been doing SEO on my own website and feel like I no longer understand / feel like I can improve it. Business is dropping to the point where we will be closed and staff laid off next month.

by @ms (2482), 11 months ago

@chr15athone this is really terrible situation. You should never start/run a business that depends on the mercy of google, because this is exactly what happens sometimes and you can't do anything really. It's their SE, their algos, they can modify them whenever and however they want.

What sort of traffic levels used your site to receive before?

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